Acupuncture can treat a variety of ailments and conditions, however, it is most well known for how it helps with pain. Chronic pain management (possibly associated with degeneration, old injuries, previous surgeries, the viscera, etc.) is a very popular reason to seek out acupuncture. These types of treatments aim to decrease pain (whatever the cause) to a level that is manageable over an extended period of time to ultimately improve a person’s quality of life.

Some patients are even trying a different method of treatment to avoid or prolong the need for surgery.  A very common complaint that all acupuncturists treat is low back pain.  In a German study in 2007, it was shown that acupuncture is almost twice as effective in treating low back pain than traditional therapies.

  • Relieve Pain- Studies have shown that there are a higher level of endorphins (endogenous opiates) in cerebral spinal fluid following an acupuncture treatment [endorphins are similar to narcotics used for pain relief, but produced by cells in your body].
  • Improve Circulation [Blood Flow] - Acupuncture stimulation improves blood flow to the skin, muscles, brain and the internal organs.

Migraines - Migraine sufferers may also benefit from acupuncture treatments. There are risks and side effects associated with medication, therefore, acupuncture can be favorable as it does not have negative side effects. Treatments are targeted to minimize the frequency and severity of migraines or headaches. Some patients may even be able to wee off or reduce their current medication if he/she experiences relief.

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