For acute pain, post-operative care, sports and repetitive use injuries, acupuncture is very effective at decreasing inflammation, swelling and encouraging more rapid healing or recovery time.  

Aside from being a method for treating injuries, acupuncture is also great at preventing them. Treatments can be directed to create more flexibility and circulation in areas of concern, which in turn will help prevent stress on the muscles/joints/tendons/ligaments, which may reduce the possibility of an injury or additional injury to that area. There are many that are not aware of this, but many professional teams have acupuncturists that provide treatment for their athletes to enhance performance and to rehabilitate any injuries that have occurred during the game.

Reduce Inflammation & Swelling/Speed Healing Process - Recent studies have shown that the anti-inflammatory actions of acupuncture are mediated via the reflexive central inhibition of the innate immune system.  ACTH [adrenocorticotrophic hormone] and cortisol are also influenced by acupuncture, which contribute to the anti-inflammatory and stress relieving effects.

The treatment method for these types of concerns usually incorporates a mixture of a few techniques: main and extraordinary meridian theory, specific orthopedic needling styles, muscle motor points, needling near nerve pathways, and balance method.

Treatments may help to:
  • reduce post injury or post-op rehabilitation time
  • decrease pain and inflammation
  • decrease swelling
  • increase range of motion
  • release muscle spasms and tension
  • increase energy
  • alleviate stress

Also see the pain management and chronic pain page for related information.

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