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We provide an individualized, integrative, and holistic approach to care and treatment.



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Orijin Acupuncture + Wellness

Welcome to Orijin Acupuncture + Wellness. Orijin is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice located in Encinitas, California, serving the communities of Encinitas, Carlsbad, San Marcos, Vista, Cardiff by the Sea, Solana Beach, Oceanside, Escondido, Del Mar, Carmel Valley and all of North County San Diego.

We provide an individualized and integrative approach to care and treatment through the use of acupuncture, herbs/supplements, nutritional recommendations, and lifestyle modifications. It is essential for us to find a solution to your health care needs and help you achieve success in your short term and long term health-related goals. We offer open communication and give you the time and attention needed to express your concerns. Importance is emphasized not only in providing compassionate care, but to also promote health, generate self–awareness and empower patients to achieve wellness through the process. Orijin Acupuncture uses a range of holistic techniques and modalities to rehabilitate the body, restore balance, promote healing, and prevent possible progression of conditions.

Kind Words

  • I also wanted to thank you again for all your years of service to me. You definitely would relieve my pain and help me with plenty of stress – and you cured my migraines! I am eternally grateful!

    K.C. Vista, CA
  • Hi! I began seeing Sherine Blair for acupuncture in May of 2010. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for almost a year with no luck. I was very apprehensive because I don't like needles and was convinced that it would hurt. As soon as I met her I felt extremely comfortable, calm and relaxed. I had no pain and actually found some sites hilarious! On June 6th, 2010 I found out that I was pregnant!!! I am absolutely positive that my acupuncture sessions with Sherine made this happen. Her office is wonderfully relaxing. She is professional and caring and very good at what she does! When I went into labor I called Sherine and asked her to meet me at the hospital. My water had broken but my contractions had not started six hours later. She came right away and used acupuncture to get the ball rolling. Boy, did this work!! She stayed with me and my husband until our son was born the next day, using acupuncture to keep the labor going and to help with pain control. Sherine has definitely been an important part of our son's life, and ours as well! I would recommend her to anyone, she's wonderful!

    LISA C. San Diego, CA
  • Sherine was highly recommended to me about 15 months ago and she changed my life for the better. For years I had been to many medical doctors and specialists after a nasty flu virus left me depleted, fatigued and chronically sick with fever, chills and colds. Finally a new MD recommended that I try acupuncture since I had exhausted all of my western options. I'm so thrilled to say that I have not been sick since Sherine started treating me. She was very honest and said since this was an internal issue it would take longer than usual but I was ready to try it hoping that this would be the solution to my nagging health problems. It was. My immune system is healthy again and now I'm a huge believer in acupuncture! I recommend anyone who has ongoing health issues to try acupuncture and to go to Sherine. You will be glad you did.

    LISA S. Vista, CA
  • If you need an AMAZING acupuncturist, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SHERINE BLAIR. Sherine has so much knowledge in her practice, listens to all questions and concerns and really takes her time to explain things thoroughly. I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Sherine for a few years now and every time I go, I feel relaxed, reassured that everything will be ok and I know that all of my questions will be answered. Sherine is VERY PROFESSIONAL, CARING and KIND. She really goes out of her way to make her patients feel comfortable. She is consistently researching information pertaining to my needs and has given me so much support to help with my issue. All in all, if you, family or friends need a professional, knowledgable and kind acupuncturist, Sherine Blair is the one to go to.

    MIWA C. Vista, CA
  • I have had acupuncture before and didn't feel that it helped in the areas being triggered. I went to Sherine Blair, and A) she is amazing; B) she spent so much time explaining things to me and how the procedure worked (which the other acupuncturists never took time to do); C) when she placed the needles, she left them in for a longer time than the others; and D) my pain is already alleviated after just two treatments. If you aren't happy with your acupuncturist or new to this, definitely make an appointment with Sherine.

    MAUREEN A-B. Carlsbad, CA
  • Sherine is so incredibly talented and so compassionate. I feel very lucky to have found her when I did! She is honest, takes the time to get to know you, she is very patient and carefully listens to all of your concerns during each visit. She is knowledgeable, VERY experienced and has excellent advice. I highly recommend her. I have seen her for a variety of issues: anxiety, shoulder pain, fertility.. and now (I strongly believe thanks to her) pregnancy! She even helped me get through the recovery phase of a previous surgery and I found that to be extremely beneficial in the healing process. Her online booking system is really easy to navigate and makes it super convenient to book appointments on the go.

    KRISTINA D. Carlsbad, CA
  • This is a great office and practice, all the doctors are excellent. Sherine is especially great for acupuncture, she definitely takes the time to provide excellent treatment and I have had great results from her care. She is very nice, and really cares about the patient, and works to get you better! Thanks Active Mobillity!!

    MARISSA H. Temecula, CA
  • After being diagnosed with neuropathy and told by medical doctors that basically there was nothing they could do, but prescribe drugs, I opted to try acupuncture. Luckily I made an appointment with Sherine Blair, L.Ac. She spent time on that first visit going over my issues and what she felt she could do to help before she began treatment. Each visit Sherine asks how I'm doing and adjusts my treatment. It's amazing the improvement in my feet, legs and hands. I can sleep at night without awaking with pain and/or burning feet. My balance is much improved, too. I'm able to do many of the activities that I had stopped before the acupuncture treatment that Sherine has provided." "Before being diagnosed with this "incurable" condition, I had never considered acupuncture. Now, it's the first thing that comes to mind for many health issues. Sherine is easy to talk with and she is always very honest about whether her treatment could be of help. For me, the treatment Sherine has provided has been nothing short of miraculous. To quote another reviewer, 'She is phenomenal at what she does.'

    JOE J. Vista, CA
  • I am writing this review for acupuncturist Sherine Blair, L. Ac.. I have chronic daily persistent migraines and tension headaches that have stopped life as I know it. I have been seeing Sherine for 5 months. She is by far one of the best acupuncturists I have been to. I have been to a lot of Dr.s and tried lots of things for these headaches. Sherine listens and understands she really takes her time to figure out a plan that will help me get better. She is phenomenal at what she does.

    AMBER S. Carlsbad, CA

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